上市日期: 2018-03-09

Item Number: MRC911

Product Description: 108 SHOTS MIX SIZED CAKE

Tube Size:

25X30X225mm-36 SHOTS

30X36X225mm-93 SHOTS

Effect Description:

12 various effects in this 129 shots cake of 2 different tube size and of straight, fan and W shape makes this cake super and outstanding.

Duration: 80 seconds


A. Red coco with crackling chrysanthemum

B. Green coco with crackling chrysanthemum

C. Green strobe with red and blue

D. White strobe with red and blue

E. Purple, green, blue and lemon mines

F. Silver fish and blue stars

G. Color rainfall

H. Red strobe and brocade crown

I. Green and gold strobe with blue stars

J. Gold glitter willow and green strobe with blue stars

K. White strobe and brocade crown

M. Crackling willow and red strobe

Price information

Packing:1/1 (1pcs into a shipping carton)

Carton CBM: 0.046m 3

Gross weight: 18kg/CTN 

Cоциальные медиа

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